is a unique board game

which can be played by players with acute sight or with any sight impairment

Ocenený design

MEMONIK will enchant you

Memonik is a board game with unique specialization. It focuses on tactile Memory, which can be played equally by people with acute sight or with sight impairments, speaking different languages or elderly people together with kids. Memonik can be used also as a sensorial or teaching tool (e.g. in Montessori education). The universal character of Memonik is proved not only by jury awards but also feedback from other people. This unique concept was awarded by design awards both in Slovakia and Czech Republic - National design award and Czech award Design talent.

It will improve your perception

The game rules are very easy and universal. The game board consists of 36 pads with 18 different materials, which you can find in your household, such as corks, carpet, wood, but also sandpaper or wallpaper. The aim is to find as many pairs of same materials as possible using only your sense of touch. The play always brings new, original feelings and experiences, though it also requires a certain dose of patience. Each new Memonik game is unrepeatable and full of fun.

It encourages communication

It is a game which pulls the whole family together. MEMONIK can be played by people of various ages: young ones, students, their parents or elderly people, who want to maintain their mental health. Memonik can easily change ordinary party or evening into funny and exceptional experience! We know about two real couples, who met and fell in love while playing Memonik ☺

Overcomes barriers

Did you know that according to WHO approximately 1.5% of the world population, more than 100 million people, are blind? These people often have limited access to adequate games designed specifically for them and for their children. We found out that there are very few games on the market which can be played together by both sighted and people with sight impairments. However, even though our primary motivation was to create game for blind people, we found out that Memonik is equally suitable for those with sight.